Devastating bushfires destroyed the Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat in January 2020

To help prevent damage of such scale in the future, our Warrior BAL-FZ-rated Motorised and Manual Bushfire Shutters are used across the entire reconstruction.

Reconstruction involved rebuilding eight tourist cabins and manager’s cabin, the function centre, alfresco dining building including catering kitchen, amenities buildings and site sheds

Our Warrior FZ Bushfire Shutters are manufactured to exceed Australian Building Standards: ABS3959:2018 – minimum fire and smoke testing requirements for commercial and residential developments. The Warrior FZ Bushfire Shutters exceed the minimum 120-minute fire ember attack burn time which is mandated by Australian Building Standards for commercial properties.
The motorised shutters which will be installed at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat can be deployed manually via a wall mounted switch. They also employ a gravity failsafe system which causes the shutters to drop during a blackout or brownout without using a backup battery.
The manual shutters are activated by a roller and cord and should be deployed upon knowledge of a bush fire event.
When you use Bushfire Control products, you are buying confidence no other company can provide and peace of mind in the event of a bushfire.

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