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Bushfire Control alongside our partner Smoke Control, is the only Australian company that offers a complete range of fire shutters, automatic closing fire windows, fixed fire windows, radiation attenuation screens, glazed fire doors, and glazed sliding fire doors and all provided with our full life cycle service. Choose a combination of systems for the ultimate solution.

Warrior Bushfire Mesh – Ember Mesh

Specially developed for Fire Engineers and Architects to be used in lieu of Deemed-to-Satisfy systems, our ember mesh can also provide security and fall prevention.  The Warrior Bushfire Mesh complies with the requirements of AS3959 Ember Guards.

The Warrior Bushfire Mesh system consists of a perimeter aluminium frame which is fixed to the perimeter of the window opening using a continuous angle or directly fixed to the wall. The mesh consists of a 0.8 mm thick woven stainless steel which is coated black to reduce the reflection of light. The free area of the mesh is 49%.


  • Available with powder coated perimeter frame to match any colour in the Dulux Duralloy range
  • May be retrofit over any style of existing window
  • Minimal side wall clearance/usage requirements
  • Constructed from architectural grade aluminium frame and high tensile 316 stainless steel mesh.
  • Highly corrosion resistant and exceptionally strong
  • 0.8 mm thick woven stainless steel mesh, coated black to reduce light reflection
  • Exceeds all relevant Australian and industry standards
  • Custom built to suit each project.

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