What does it mean if your Warrior FZ Bushfire shutter is approved without a window behind it?

This shows that the Warrior FZ bushfire shutter reduces radiant heat transfer to the inside of the building much better than a bushfire shutter using the old technology incorporating steel slats.  It also means that our customers using Warrior FZ Bushfire shutters may use any window they like provided they do not conflict with NSWRFS guidelines.

Our research shows that a toughened glass BAL-40 window will improve the performance of a bushfire shutter in the AS1530.8.2 BAL FZ test by around 4-5 times compared to the same bushfire shutter without a window behind it.  The old steel slat technology cannot pass the AS1530.8.2 BAL FZ test without a window. 

Therefore, if a shutter is tested with a window behind it, the shutter must always be used in applications with the identical window construction used in the AS1530.8.2 BAL FZ test.  

This may mean that only fixed windows can be used behind some brands of Bushfire shutters.

Why should we use your BAL-FZ Bushfire shutter?

The technology in Warrior FZ bushfire shutters far surpasses that of any of our competitors.  The Warrior FZ Bushfire Shutter is the only bushfire shutter on the market that has passed the AS1530.8.2 BAL FZ testing without a window behind it.  It is also the largest spanning compliant system available on the market with the smallest head box available to not interrupt your views. 

Why is AS1530.8.2 testing required?

Radiant heat transmission is all calculable using science.  The Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation is used to determine radiant heat transmission from a surface, but the testing is required so that the interaction of each component used in the fabrication of the product and the relative deterioration of these components can be observed to not detriment the performance of the intended protection target.  The radiant heat transmission is then measured during the test as well.

Was the testing carried out at the CSIRO Mogo Bushfire Field Test Site in accordance with AS1530.8.2?

No. The testing on the Warrior BAL-FZ shutter at the CSIRO Mogo Bushfire Field Test Site was around 3-4 times more onerous than the AS1530.8.2 BAL-FZ test.  This testing is part of extensive research and development we have conducted in this area.  In understanding the science, it is important to acknowledge the limitations of AS1530.8.2 BAL-FZ testing. 

The BAL-FZ test method in this Standard is only conducted at 840oC.  It is widely accepted that temperatures in Bushfires well exceed 1000oC.  This means that there is a significant potential for products tested only to AS1530.8.2 to not function when they are really required at temperatures above 1000oC.  The testing at the CSIRO Mogo Bushfire Field Test Site showed that at excessive temperatures, the Warrior shutter remained intact and protected the home. Some heat did damage the window behind, however, the fire was so severe that it also damaged and warped the entire house.  This damage to the window is considered minor compared to the destruction that would have occurred if the shutter had, for example been made of aluminium and plastic components and melted and fallen from its position.

Bushfire Control has designed the Warrior FZ Bushfire shutter with safety as the highest priority.  This means that we have not stopped with a single AS1530.8.2 test.  Our Warrior FZ Bushfire shutter has also been fire tested to AS1530.4 many times achieving 2 hour fire ratings involving temperatures far in excess of 1000oC (without a window behind them). 

 There is no other bushfire shutter manufacturer that can claim these very high performance levels in excess of the minimum, and as demonstrated above, somewhat inadequate AS1530.8.2 testing.

Do Warrior FZ Bushfire shutters comply with the new requirements of AS3959 – 2018?

Yes.  The Warrior BAL-FZ Bushfire Shutter always complied with these new requirements, even before the Standards Committee realised they were needed. However, it means that some manufacturers will need to supply battery back-ups with all their bushfire shutters at extra cost to be compliant.  That is; battery backup is mandatory for bushfire shutters that do not have ‘gravity fail safe’ motors.

The Motorised Warrior BAL-FZ bushfire shutter is gravity failsafe and does not require battery back-up for compliance.

What is the maximum wall opening width that can be covered by one system?

Max size system: 8000mm W x 3000 mm H and 6000 mm W x 4000 mm H – In other words, 24m2 – more than double the size of any other shutter available on the market.

What is the headbox dimensions at maximum width?

Irrespective of the size of the opening (within our stated limitations), the headbox size remains the same at 165 mm x 165 mm (Motorised) or 145 mm x 145 mm (Manually operable).

If there is a blackout (unrelated to a bushfire) which causes the shutters to deploy, how do I put the shutters up? Can this be done manually?

It is a requirement of AS3959 – 2018 that motorised bushfire shutters automatically ‘fail safe’ and therefore deploy on loss of power.  Upon power restoration, the shutter retracts automatically, resetting back into the headbox.

That said, if all the external doors have the shutters applied to them, then we do recommend at least one battery back-up applied to an external door, or why not consider our Warrior BAL-FZ fire rated glass doors?

Would you recommend a single master switch to deploy all fire shutters rather than individual switches for each shutter?

There is no recommendation as to whether a single or multiple switch option is preferential.  Ultimately this remains at the discretion of the client regarding their wiring choices.

I travel quite frequently, can I deploy the shutters remotely if I am overseas?

Many of our customers with an established ‘smart home’ functionality appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that comes from using a relay to remotely activate the shutters.  We have not a separate stand-alone remote system, since the majority of users who wish to have this facility already have or intend to have a smart house setup.

Can I match Bushfire Control shutters to the colour and finish of my existing windows?

Standard to the range of FZ window, door and shutter systems there are 116 colour options along with an optional choice of textured finishes.

Should I have a Manually operable or Motorised FZ Warrior shutter?

If your opening is less than 2750W x 2500H and provided it can be easily accessed from a standing height, then a manually operable shutter from the Warrior range could be a more economical solution.  If the opening is wider and taller than 2750W x 2500H then a motorised system would be advisable.  If you would like to eliminate shutters altogether, please consider our Warrior FZ window and door systems.

Does an outward opening door(s) with bushfire shutter comply with the bushfire code? Do all doors and windows have to open behind the line of the closed shutter?

It does not matter which way doors open, either away or into the path of the bushfire shutter. This is because the shutters are manually deployed by you, the customer when it suits you.  We do recommend that doors do not swing into the path of shutters simply because accidents happen, and any damage is not covered by our manufacturers’ warranty.

The only requirement in AS3959 is that if all doors on the property are covered by shutters.  At least one of the shutters must be operable from the inside of the building to permit escape if required – or consider our Warrior FZ glazed doors.

Do BAL-FZ Windows need to incorporate toughened glass?

The Australian standards AS3959 building requirement does not explicitly require BAL-FZ glass to be toughened.  However, a glass pane does need to be toughened to achieve an FRL of -/30/- or pass an AS1530.8.2 test.  In addition to this, AS2047 requires toughened glass for many applications such as floor to ceiling glass and doors to provide human impact resistance.

It is important to note that as per AS1530.8.2, BAL-FZ testing does not have an ember or flaming debris impact resistance requirement.  The nature of bushfires include volatile high winds which often results in direct impacts against hot glass. An ember attack in a bushfire typically occurs ahead of the fire front.  Laminated glasses are susceptible to breakage from ember attack (hence why they are not permitted for BAL–40 and BAL–29 ratings) and may not be in place to protect your home when the fire front reaches it.

For this reason, all Warrior Window and door systems use Fire Rated Clear Grade A Safety Glass and are deemed to provide ember protection in addition to the BAL–FZ rating.

How do I tell if the BAL FZ window is made from toughened glass?

Non-toughened glass is cuttable, orange tinted and has a shorter lead time when ordering.

All Warrior Window and door systems use Fire Rated Clear Grade A Safety Glass and are deemed to provide ember protection in addition to the BAL–FZ rating.  Toughened safety glass cannot be cut to size and is made to order, on a project by project basis.

What is the maximum approved size of your BAL-FZ windows?

The maximum size of a single fixed BAL-FZ window can be up to 2760mm H x 1290mm W or 2300mm H x 1560mm W.

The maximum size of an operable BAL-FZ window can be up to 1070mm H x 850mm W or 820 H x 1100mm W

If I want an openable BAL-FZ window does it need to be fire tested also?

All window systems need to be fire tested. Our Operable window systems comply with AS3959:2018 – Section 9 and tested to a minimum FRL of -/30/- when tested to AS1530.4:2014.

Operable Warrior Window sections are top hung / side hung and are closed via a window winder.  The windows should be closed upon knowledge of a bush fire event occurring in the vicinity of the property.  Stainless steel ember mesh is required on operable parts of window systems and is provided for full compliance with AS3959.

If I want a fire rated glazed door does it need to be fire tested also?

All door systems need to be fire tested. Our FZ Hinged door systems complies with AS3959:2018 and tested to a minimum FRL of -/30/- when tested to AS1530.4:2014.

Warrior FZ Doors provide resistance to ember attack in addition to its fire resistance.