Why Maintaining Fire & Smoke Curtains is Still Important

Although fire and smoke curtains are passive containment systems that are integrated within the structure, they still require maintenance and inspection to ensure their perfect function. This is also important for ensuring compliance because standards relating to fire protections may get updated anytime.

Why maintaining fire and smoke curtains is still important

There are specific requirements for the preventive maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. In addition, often it’s the responsibility of the building owners to ensure maintenance is performed in a timely and proper way. Aside from protecting their asset and the occupants, this preventive maintenance is also important in giving peace of mind and showing that the building owner is proactive and responsible.

Because fire and smoke curtains are passive systems, they often get forgotten because they nicely fade into the background after a few weeks or months. They become deeply integrated with the architecture of the building, which is one reason they don’t command much attention from us. However, time passes by quickly and if neglected and forgotten, there will be compliance and safety issues on those systems that are supposed to protect the asset and occupants.

As a result, it’s valuable to have planned maintenance so everything’s done on time (and make sure it’s done in the first place). Maintenance packages that can be tailored according to your requirements helps ensure the system’s perfect working order. It can be arranged to be once every three or six months (or upon request). To ensure compliance and function, it’s crucial to have the system undergo a Full Function Fire Test.

Here at Bushfire Control, our maintenance packages are designed according to the latest safety standards and can be tailored according to the client’s specific requirements. Our customers benefit from our more than 15 years of experience in the passive fire industry (including tailored design and installation that integrate well even within existing buildings). We use our knowledge and expertise not just to ensure compliance, but also to improve building safety in a cost-effective way. Phone us today at 1800 218 258 if you require a maintenance and installation service for your passive fire and smoke protection and containment system.