Can I Install My Own Bushfire Control FZ-Rated System?

Though we readily quote to architects and end purchases alike, Bushfire Control are however, only authorised to sell to either licensed or owner builders.  As a condition of purchase, both segments require a fully endorsed and accredited Bushfire... Read More

What Are The Differences Between Bushfire Control Motorised And Manually Operated Shutters

Both Bushfire Control’s Fireproof Safety Shutters are equipped to withstand the harshest environments for extended periods. Similarities between the two products are numerous. The primary differentiating factor between the two Bushfire Control product categories is the mechanism which…

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Why Should I Buy From Bushfire Control?

Bushfire Control supplies a wide range of fire shutters, fire windows, doors and screens that are compliant with BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) ratings from BAL-Low to BAL-FZ. Our products are specially designed to withstand fire and are purpose-built…

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Why is BAL FZ Compliance More Expensive Than Other BAL Ratings?

There has not been a significant volume of research conducted within the construction sector regarding the cost of BAL FZ compliance and the cost of compliance with other bushfire attack level ratings. The available data shows that costs…

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What Are Bal FZ and Bal 40 Requirements?

In the construction sector, the Building Code of Australia standards provides definitions for structures that are fire resistant. Structural adequacy, integrity and insulation are used to express a building’s ability to deter fire. These are written in the…

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Why Maintaining Fire and Smoke Curtains is Still Important

Although fire and smoke curtains are passive containment systems that are integrated within the structure, they still require maintenance and inspection to ensure their perfect function. This is also important for ensuring compliance because standards relating to fire…

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