Fire Rated Doors

What’s the difference Between Bal-40 & Bal-FZ?

The rating between a BAL-40 product (or lower) and a BAL-FZ product is essentially determined by distance and how your project is rated. BAL–FZ indicates direct exposure to flames from fire front, in addition to heat flux and ember attack. BAL–40 reflects the need for increasing levels of ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers together with increasing heat flux with the increased likelihood of exposure to flames. It is the highest stringency level outside BAL-FZ.

From a product perspective, generally an FZ product has a steel frame, and a BAL-40 (or lower) has an aluminium frame – with some glazing differences.

The Warrior Door is available in a wide range of typical configurations and is compliant with AS3959. Proudly Australian Made, full certification is issued with the installation of all Warrior products.

The Warrior Door range is highly customisable, and framing can be powder coated any colour in the Dulux Duralloy range to match clients tastes and building facade. Made with clear Class A safety glass, Warrior Doors are available in a variety of sizes, energy ratings and glazing options including double glazing (DGU). Additionally, the range has the option available to suit your Basix requirements.

Ember Mesh may also need to be included in your window/door system to achieve compliance.

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